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Never Cause Your Spouse or Partner to Become a Detective

Never cause your spouse to be a Detective.

There is nothing your spouse should not know about.

Always be open, transparent, reachable, and accessible at all times.

Be where you said you would be.

If the unexpected happens, as they sometimes do, call your spouse and keep them in the loop.

If you plan on doing something you think your partner might be uncomfortable with, then don't do it.

If you have a friendship or relationship that your spouse should not know about, then you should not have that friendship or relationship.

If you have anything on your phone that you do not want your spouse to see, then you shouldn't have that thing on your phone in the first place.

If you receive calls or text messages that you do not want your spouse to hear or read, then you shouldn't be receiving them,

and the numbers should be blocked from your phone.

There is no room for secrets in a relationship. Give your spouse open access to your entire life at all times.

Take my advice and always remember...

Transparency is the foundation on which deep intimacy is built.

~ Cody Bret

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