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The difference between Shame and Guilt

There is a very important difference between Shame and Guilt. Many clients and people often confuse the two. Guilt is when we have done something wrong to someone and we can apologize and ask forgiveness and be forgiven, or at least own what we have done wrong. However, with shame, we never can place or name what we have really done wrong, it is a sense that "we are bad," " we are wrong." Shame simply is the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another. It is often culturally or societial imposed. It is almost like a leach that we can't pull off no matter what we do. The affects of shame tend to make us feel "we aren't good enough," " we aren't worthy,. " However, in reality you can logically tell yourself that isn't the truth, but your heart simply has a heard time believing that, and your head still has a hard time holding it's self high. This is the long term effects of depression, trauma, abuse, rejection. The good news is that you are worthy, you are good do I know...because our higher power DID NOT CREATE TRASH......simply. When you look in the mirror you should not see trash, but the beautiful human you are. This should align with your heart and mind. Therapy can help with this. Just reach out.

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